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Useful mobile apps

With Pocket Leap you can create and update your own fully branded, gorgeous mobile app for iOS and Android. Tourists can take your business with them and enhance their visit.

If you want to give tourists a more up to date, user friendly and engaging experience than traditional paper tourist information you can create your own mobile apps with Pocket Leap so that you can keep tourist well informed using their mobile device and direct them to discover nearby attractions and amenities on your recommendation.

Increase sales, increase return visit, engage customers

Happy Travelers

"Using an app is great. It means I dont have to carry paper around and the information is always up to date"

Sinead McGee, Tourist

"We made an app to keep stakeholders up to date and well informed. Push notifications are a great way to reach them."

Kevin Ormond, RookieOven

An always improving platform

Pocket Leap keeps getting better and better. As our team develop new features and functionality you will benefit and be able to incorporate these into your app too - for free. The same goes for the continuing advances in mobile. As the iOS and Android platforms grow, adapt and evolve over time and the hardware continues to improve we automatically keep your app fresh, relevant and up to date.

Latest updates

SquareSpace for mobile apps

I’m a huge fan of SquareSpace. Out of the many services for enabling people to make websites it’s one of the best. The experience is easy and intuitive, it has great looking templates allowing people to create great looking websites and most importantly it’s affordable.

But if you wanted to...

Why would you make a mobile app?

Mobile is great. Most people now have a smart phone of some kind and no doubt use a host of mobile apps installed on it. So obviously businesses need to get in on that, right? Well, even although our business is 90% making mobile apps, we would have to disagree.