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Make your app in three easy steps

Step One - Pick a theme

The first step in making a Pocket Leap app is choosing a theme. Through our theme gallery you pick a theme that fits the need of your business. You can filter the themes by features such as mapping, calendar support, push enabled etc. Each theme has a live demo app in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store that you can download as inspiration.

Step Two - Enter your content

A great app needs great content. Using our easy to use and secure CMS you can upload images, audio and video, you can enter text and pick locations/points of interest. It's all intuitive and easy to use but powerful enough that you can have control over your app.

Step Three - Publish

Your mobile app is going to be live in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Once you've entered all your content and assets you hit publish and the app will be packaged up and deployed to the relevant stores. No code needed.

The process is seamless and the app will be available after a short review period with Apple and Google.

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Why go mobile?

Over 70% of the UK population use their mobile phone to access the internet. In fact for many, a mobile phone is their only connected device.

Many young people have grown up with smartphones and in a world of Snapchat and Instagram so business cannot afford to ignore mobile. However up until now it's been cumbersome, expensive and risky for businesses to embrace mobile technology. You would need to have development expertise and there would be long lead times on development; a mobile app could easily cost upwards of £15,000. Yet with Pocket Leap you can create a gorgeous, no-compromise, useful app for your customers from as little as £150+VAT per month and have it live in the Apple App Store in a matter of days not months.

What will a mobile app do for your business? A good mobile app (like the ones you can make on Pocket Leap) will increase sales, improve your customer journey and increase engagement all the while providing useful insights through our powerful analytics platform.

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Meet the team

Pocket Leap has been created by Add Jam, a Glasgow based team of developers and designers passionate about creating excellent mobile experiences. Our apps have been released around the world and used by millions so we took our expertise, experience and knowledge and crafted Pocket Leap as an easy to use platform to make mobile accessible and affordable to thousands of businesses.

If you would like a live demo of Pocket Leap please pay us a visit at our studio in Glasgow or we can arrange a video call.