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Our thoughts on tourism and mobile technology

5 Ways Digital Media Has Changed Tourism

By Charlotte Dougall | September 11, 2017

Digital media has changed the face of the earth in more ways than one, with constantly evolving technologies bringing us new ways to do everything from switching on our lights to communicating with our loved ones. No matter what you want to do, chances are, there’s an app for that. Digital is the future, and it’s hard to deny the impact of this growing focus on digital has had on civilisation, but just how has it changed the tourism industry?

The Glasgow Digital Tourism Meetup

By Michael Hayes | August 21, 2017

Glasgow is a world leading tourist destination with a rich history, spectacular events and diverse culture. Glasgow is also home to a strong and vibrant community of world leading technology companies (as showcased by RookieOven).

Technology should save you money

By Chris Sloey | July 3, 2017

In a landscape where we are facing an increasing cost of doing business there are two ways to maintain our margins; increasing our prices or reducing the cost of doing business. Technology is key to the latter. Yeah, 'technology' is expensive but getting the right tools into your business can make you more efficient, better informed and provide a better service. Here are a few examples.

Learning about the North Coast 500

By Michael Hayes | June 23, 2017

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Glasgow office of law firm Burness Paull to hear all about the amazing North Coast 500 from 3 speakers in the know. Firstly Tom Campbell (CEO of North Coast 500), Martin Murray (cofounder of Dunnet Bay Distillers) and James McCallum the fast man to cycle the North Coast 500.

Talking business at City of Glasgow College

By Michael Hayes | June 1, 2017

The team here at Pocket Leap truly believe the next generation of talent is so important so we try our best to give back and share our experience, advice and knowledge with the upcoming stars in our local community. With this in mind we jumped at the change to speak to hospitality and tourism students at the brand new campus of our local college, City of Glasgow College this week. We were invited along with Young Enterprise Scotland and while there we talked all things tourism, business and professional careers to a group of tourism and hospitality students. Here are the nuggets of advice we shared.

Making your tourist destination accessible with technology

By Michael Hayes | May 10, 2017

Every tourism business would like to offer their products and services to as many people as possible. It makes sense, the more people able to use your product or service the more customers you can have. However to engage as many customers as possible tourism businesses really need to look at providing additional support and cater their products and services to those with accessibility requirements. Doing this right takes time and there's no silver bullet that will help all scenarios but what role can technology play in this, and specifically our smartphones?

Why do we print guides

By Michael Hayes | April 26, 2017

Let's set the scene. You check into a hotel and get into your room. Any good hotel is going to have a welcome pack with useful information - menus, hotel services, wifi code and perhaps local amenities. But why is this in print? Can I take it with me? Is the content up to date? How much time and effort did it take to design, print and distribute these into every room? There has to be a better way!

SquareSpace for mobile apps

By Michael Hayes | April 12, 2017

I’m a huge fan of SquareSpace. Out of the many services for enabling people to make websites it’s one of the best. The experience is easy and intuitive, it has great looking templates allowing people to create great looking websites and most importantly it’s affordable.

Why would you make a mobile app?

By Michael Hayes | April 6, 2017

Mobile is great. Most people now have a smart phone of some kind and no doubt use a host of mobile apps installed on it. So obviously businesses need to get in on that, right? Well, even although our business is 90% making mobile apps, we would have to disagree.