Your guide to the Scottish Islands

For people looking to get the most out of a trip to the beautiful islands surrounding Scotland Pocket Leap offers an offline travel companion with local knowledge and recommendations in the palm of your hand, when you need it.

Recommendations by locals

Cut through the noise, get the best experience

Finding places that are truly special is hard. Many businesses are gaming their way to top of Google and Trip Advisor and leaving truly great businesses to be hidden gems. Our local knowledge has put these gems in an easy to find package.

Book direct

Save money and unlock offers by booking direct

We don't take a cut of tickets or bookings, we pass you onto the businesses that provide excellent service so you can be confident its the best price available or you can take advantage of special offers you won't find on online platforms.

No stress navigation

No data, no problem.

The Scottish Islands, although beautiful, have not got the best telecoms infrastructure. Don't get flustered when you find yourself with no coverage. Pocket Leap works offline.

Ferry Alerts

Don't miss your last ferry home

Pocket Leap will let you know if your ferry is off or if you're last ferry time is approaching so you don't get stuck on the island.

Get the most out of the islands, a modern offline experience

Connected travellers who rely on their phone for navigation, recommendation, and dsicovery are not getting the most out of a visit to the Isles of Scotland (Bute, Arran, Skye, Islay) because of a lack of connectivity.

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