Why do we print guides

Michael Hayes

Let's set the scene. You check into a hotel and get into your room. Any good hotel is going to have a welcome pack with useful information - menus, hotel services, wifi code and perhaps local amenities. But why is this in print? Can I take it with me? Is the content up to date? How much time and effort did it take to design, print and distribute these into every room? There has to be a better way!

Let's take a look at another scenario. You go to an attraction (could be a museum, theme park, country park etc) and there's likely to be a printed information leaflet. Bit of heritage information, a map, a legend of icons used in the attraction etc. Again why is this printed? Is it up to date? How useable and legible is the map? How much time, effort and cost did it take to design, print and distribute these?

It's safe to say that even in 2017 the backbone of tourist information is still print. It's 2017! The team at Pocket Leap feel we have a solution that will help tourism businesses reduce costs, increase sales and gain better insight into what that content is doing for their business versus this traditional method of using print.

Save Money

The easiest way for a business to improve their margins is simply to save money. So lets look at the costs involved with printed tourist information in the context of an attraction.

The leaflet will need to be designed, printed and distributed. Design can cost upwards of £500 but for this estimate lets stick with the lower value of £500, then a modest sum of 20,000 flyers could costs as much as £700 to print and a further £1200 for a mail drop. That's £2400 already. That's the equivalent of 16 months of a Pocket Leap iPhone app. Alternatively that's £600 saved per year. If we take a look at an example of a hotel that runs at a 10% margin per booking on a £100 room thats the equivalent of 60 booking per year saved.

Even with our modest example using 20,000 flyers using a Pocket Leap app over traditional printed methods will help your business cut costs.

Then what if some content changes? It happens all the time - you could add a new exhibit or an old one moves on or is temporarily not available. You either need to work around erroneous material or go through the whole exercise of design, print and distribute again. With Pocket Leap you are in control of your app at all times. You can update and amend that app at any time from our web based control panel for your app.

Increase Sales

The reason we often have printed materials in the first place is to do the job of highlighting services to customers. But making a sale isn't about letting people know about what you offer it about letting them know about what your business offers when they need that service.

Again, let's look at this in a real world context. This time a hotel. The welcome pack has the hotel menu and room service options, it makes sense that while we have a guest stay with us that we convert them to a customer in our restaurant. But throughout a stay local businesses will also be fighting for the attention of our patron. How can we as a hotel engage with the customer in a timely and helpful manner that will get them to use our services?

We let them know. When the guest checks in we direct them to our mobile app, it has a detailed guide to the hotel, local attractions and has the wifi code. Then using Pocket Leap we can send a well timed 'Push Notification' message letting our customer know the restaurant is open this evening and the special starter of Cullen Skink is not to be missed. Boom. Engagement that just isn't possible with printed guides and information.

Understand Customers

We get a run of 10,000 leaflets and distribute them. There may be some logic to where we place them or some we might just fire out to see what sticks. But what next? Surely we should be getting data, feedback and insight into how these leaflets, this content, is performing for us.

With print we just don't know. With Pocket Leap we do.

The Pocket Leap platform has analytics built in. We can discover what content users love, where they access it from, what language they speak, what time of day/week/month/year they look at our business. It's all useful data that as a business in the tourism industry we can use to improve our services going forward by identifying not only what is popular but also what is underperforming and needs improving. We can discover if our patrons are English speakers or if we have a high volume of patrons from a particular locale we can tailer our business to them - its no longer a guessing game, we have the hard data to back up our business decisions.

It's just a better customer experience

Pocket Leap helps your business improve margins and to plan strategically but there's something else it offers. It offers a better end user experience. A gorgeous, native app a patrons iPhone or Android phone is a vastly better experience than getting that information on a piece of print.

We want to work with exciting, forward thinking tourism business that will take the Pocket Leap platform and be empowered to really deliver a quality mobile experience to their customers. All the while our partner business will have their brand present on customers devices, reduce costs versus print, increase sales by using notifications to engage with customers and have access to useful insights through our built in analytics.

If you’d like to learn more about Pocket Leap drop me an email at [email protected]