Making mobile affordable

At Pocket Leap we're on a mission to make mobile apps more affordable for your business. Ordinarily, enriching your customer experience with a gorgeous mobile app mobile app would have cost your business tens of thousands, but with Pocket Leap it's a different story entirely. Connect and engage with your customers, wherever they are, for as little as £180 per month.

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We're always striving to keep our technology up to date with the evolving industry. Every single Pocket Leap customer will be able to benefit from our future innovations.


Technology should be saving your company money. At Pocket Leap, we want to help you cut your costs and reduce your reliance on printed materials. Save money, and the planet.


Here at Pocket Leap, we want to empower you to use technology to your advantage. Our primary focus is mobile, but we also share valuable resources on our blog to help technological education within the tourism industry.


We're here for you! At Pocket Leap we pride ourselves on being open, transparent, and most importantly - approachable. Our founders are on hand to personally respond to any queries, and you're always welcome to pop in if you're ever in Glasgow, too.

Passionate about great experiences on mobile

In the past, mobile app development was a lengthy, expensive process, so we wanted to change that. Gone are the days of investing thousands of pounds into the move to mobile, with Pocket Leap you can have a beautiful, branded app for your business for as little as £150 per month. Long lead times and lengthy development stages are a thing of the past, now we can have your app live and ready for download in a matter of days.

Mobile is becoming the norm, with over 70% of the UK population using their mobile phone to access the internet on a regular basis, and most young people today growing up surrounded by constant streams of social media. More and more businesses are making the leap to mobile - yours should be one of them. Pocket Leap makes mobile apps affordable for your business, allowing you to put your brand in your customer's pocket, wherever they may be.

Meet the team

At Pocket Leap we have years of experience in digital and tourism.

Michael Hayes

With a background in Android and iOS development, Michael brings skills in both design and project management to Pocket Leap. Having launched his first Android app in 2009, an e-learning tool for Scottish schools, Michael boasts a strong background in mobile development. Michael is hugely passionate about Scottish tech talent, continually supporting the community and founding RookieOven.

Chris Sloey

Chris is the technical lead of Pocket Leap and has over 10 years experience developing for mobile and the web. Chris has keen interest in emerging technologies such as wearables and the internet of things. Chris launched the popular puzzle game lol 2048 on iOS and the web and had over 2 million people play it in the first 24 hours.

Charlotte Dougall

Charlotte works on all things marketing here at Pocket Leap, you can find her chatting about technology and tourism over on our blog and social media. After starting her personal blog at the age of 15, Charlotte is constantly evolving her online presence and has grown an audience of thousands.

Empowering businesses to take the leap to mobile

At Pocket Leap, we empower you to take your business beyond the old-school paper printouts with your very own mobile app for iOS and Android. Help your customers discover the best your business has to offer and enrich their overall experience with personalised recommendations and insights. Ensure they’re kept in the loop with automatic updates and push notification capability and find out more about the way they view your business with valuable insights and analytics. Pocket Leap just keeps getting better, and we’re continuously working to develop new features and functionality for your app. We ensure your app is kept up to date with the latest technological advances, growing alongside the mobile revolution.

Proudly made in Scotland

Pocket Leap is based in the heart of Glasgow’s burgeoning technology community at the beautiful RookieOven space in Govan. Here, we’re surrounded by some of the city’s greatest tech talent, making it a breeding ground for innovative ideas.  If you're in Glasgow come by, pay us a visit and let's grab a game of pool.

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