Made with local knowledge and passion

We're a team of Scottish natives that love our islands. They're the perfect escape from the bustle of the central belt. Home to beautiful stately homes, amazing cuisine, world class golf courses and the most amazing landscapes in the world. We made Pocket Leap to make exploring the islands as easy as navigating a well connected city.

The best way to navigate the Scottish Isles.

Connected travellers who rely on their phone for navigation, recommendation, and dsicovery are not getting the most out of a visit to the Western Isles of Scotland (Bute, Arran, Skye, Islay) because of a lack of connectivity.

Where as in a built up areas, such as Edinburgh, London or Manchester, a tourist can rely on Google Maps, Trip Adviser and Yelp, on the Islands on the West Coast of Scotland there are numerous 'not spots'. Enter Pocket Leap, your reliable travel companion in your pocket.


Meet the team

At Pocket Leap we have years of experience in digital and tourism.

Michael Hayes

With a background in Android and iOS development, Michael brings skills in both design and project management to Pocket Leap. Having launched his first Android app in 2009, an e-learning tool for Scottish schools, Michael boasts a strong background in mobile development.

Chris Sloey

Chris is the technical lead of Pocket Leap and has over 10 years experience developing for mobile and the web. Chris has keen interest in emerging technologies such as wearables and the internet of things. Chris launched the popular puzzle game lol 2048 on iOS and the web and had over 2 million people play it in the first 24 hours.

Charlotte Dougall

Charlotte works on all things marketing here at Pocket Leap, you can find her chatting about technology and tourism over on our blog and social media. After starting her personal blog at the age of 15, Charlotte is constantly evolving her online presence and has grown an audience of thousands.

Why did we make Pocket Leap?

Our motivation for the app is the personal experience of the founding team who have found it difficult to navigate the islands using their phones and having to revert back to printed maps, leaflets and tourist information points. We can provide a better interactive experience to tourists that will maximise their experience of the islands.

We're customer number one. This is an app build for us to help us explore the islands with our friends, families and loved ones.

Proudly made in Scotland

Pocket Leap is based in the heart of Glasgow’s burgeoning technology community. Here, we’re surrounded by some of the city’s greatest tech talent, making it a breeding ground for innovative ideas.  If you're in Glasgow come by, pay us a visit and let's grab a game of pool.