Fresher Glasgow

The ultimate guide to Glasgow for students. Eat, drink, shop and learn.

Get the most out of student life in Glasgow

Glasgow is home to no less than four universities and a multitude of colleges, meaning that each September thousands of new students descend on the city. Many students are new to the city, with a large population of international students, as well as many students from other areas in the United Kingdom. Moving to a new city can be daunting, particularly as a student. At Pocket Leap, we decided to put together an app showcasing the best student spots in the city, creating a handy mobile guide for the tidal wave of Freshers arriving in Glasgow for the new term. 

Using our Exhibit theme, we curated a selection of unmissable hotspots in Glasgow, covering everything from the best food and drink to shopping and sightseeing. Users can easily find a collection of venues across the city, with a handy map and a rundown of what’s on offer there. The app is a brilliant platform to promote local businesses to a new audience, providing a brilliant source of information for residents old and new. 

Always up to date

The Fresher Glasgow app was published in September to coincide with Glasgow’s official Fresher’s week, a prime time for student activity in the city. After launch, we had local businesses getting in touch looking to be included in the app, which we could add with ease using our simple content management system. Fresher Glasgow is the perfect guide to Glasgow for students, promoting our wealth of local businesses and keeping them up to date with everything that’s going on in the city, all year round.

The Ultimate Student Guide to Glasgow

Keeping you in the loop with everything that's going on in Glasgow. Constantly updating to bring you the best of the city, as it happens.

Fresher Glasgow, built with Pocket Leap.

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