Glasgow Mural Trail

Showcasing the spectacular street art on offer in the city.

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The Glasgow Mural Trail is one of the best ways to see the city, following an easy walking route around the centre and taking in the spectacular street art that adorns the city walls. The trail is a huge visitor attraction in Glasgow, but in the past, those looking to attempt the route were reliant on printed paper guides or a web-based map of the points of interest. To combat this, we created an app to showcase the unmissable street art, providing visitors with an in-depth, portable guide to the murals of Glasgow.

The Glasgow Mural Trail app contains over 20 different murals, sharing the story of the installations with users and providing a convenient map for the walking route, allowing visitors to take the trail at their own pace. Each mural has its own individual listing within the app, detailing the history and inspiration behind the piece. Alongside each mural, users can find suggestions for nearby attractions, including historical landmarks, restaurants and entertainment, encouraging them to explore even more of Glasgow city centre and enriching their overall experience as a visitor to the city.

Pushing the limits

Now, instead of being dependent on internet access or paper maps, visitors can easily access a wealth of information about the art on the trail, no matter where they are. We're taking the Glasgow Mural Trail beyond the limits of online-only content. Thanks to the Pocket Leap content management system, we’ll be able to update the information contained in the app with ease to coincide with relevant developments, which is ideal for an ongoing project like The Glasgow Mural Trail, with installations that are often changed to commemorate iconic moments. Not only will this be massively beneficial to those visiting from afar, who may not have access to mobile data in Scotland, but it will also go a long way in reducing our impact on the environment by eliminating the need for excess printed materials and cutting the costs associated with keeping printouts relevant.

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Pocket Leap helps you create a more immersive experience for your visitors, providing an opportunity to teach them more about your destination and what makes it special.

Glasgow Mural Trail - brought to you by Pocket Leap.

Bringing the streets of Glasgow to life with a splash of colour. Pocket Leap is helping tourists and residents alike see all that Glasgow has to offer.

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The Glasgow Mural Trail app is your portable handbook of everything you need to know about the street art on show. Available online or offline, no matter where you are.


Pocket Leap saves you time and money, reducing the hassle associated with keeping printed materials up-to-date and getting the information into the hands of those who need it most.


Our content management system means that the Glasgow Mural Trail app will always be up-to-date, bringing you the most relevant information about our wonderful city.


Enriching the visitor experience with a portable knowledge base. Bringing the Glasgow Mural Trail to life and sharing the stories of the city with vibrant, immersive content.

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