The digital tourist attraction

Chances are, your visitors have a smartphone in their pocket - why not use this to your advantage? Your own branded mobile app puts your business in their pocket, enhancing the customer experience and reducing costs.

Indoor Positioning

Interact with your location

Push messages and content to users based on their location, even indoors. If you want to keep some of your content exclusive to your location, it's easily done with Pocket Leap.

Unlimited Push Messages

Connect with visitors

Push notifications are the perfect way to connect with visitors to your attraction. Give them the information they need to know, wherever they may be.


Cater for all visitors

Paper is an awful experience for many with accessibility requirements. Your own, self branded, easy to update mobile app can contain all the correct, up to date and relevant information in an easy to access way that works well with screen readers and smartphone accessibility settings.

increase visitor spend

Make sure your services are visible

When a visitors comes to your attraction how do they discover everything you have to offer? Presenting the right information based on location and time of day can increase spend in your attraction and is all doable with a Pocket Leap app.