All the information you need to enjoy the Scottish Isles

With Pocket Leap you can navigate the islands on a modern, up to date and gorgeous app on iPhone. What will you experience on the islands?

No need for a paper map

Offline maps on your phone

You no doubt use your smartphone for getting around cities but what about when you don't have a signal to fall back on? Pocket Leap is there for you with offline maps for each of the islands around Scotland.

Made by locals

Experience the best

We've put the leg work in to discover the very best each island has to offer. If you like good food, great family experiences or you're after an adventure we've discovered the best there is on each island.

Book direct

Booking made easy

Finding things to do is one part of the problem, the next thing is booking it. WE've made it easy to get in touch directly with the businesses that operate on the islands by either online booking or telephone.

Don't miss your ferry

API integration with Calmac

Missing your ferry can be a real pain. we're integrating with the Calmac systems to ensure you're kept abreast of the ferries.

Explore the islands

Getting out and about

Pocket Leap apps allow you to get the best out of your destination using video, pictures, audio and more. Simply open the app and a host of great content will be in your pocket for your next adventure.

Top Attractions

An essential for finding the best tourist attractions

The natural beauty of the islands is one thing but you'll also want to get access to the best attractions. From distilleries and breweries to Victorian homes and even castles. We'll help you find the best on each island.